By hazelh

Soup with bits

I don't generally like soup 'with bits', but today I decided to make some with the stock from last night's chicken carcass and some left over vegetables. I was also keen to use up some barley that has been lingering on a shelf in our kitchen for far too long. I was pleased with my creation, not least because it was comfort food on a day when it appears that I have caught the cold that Bruce was touting around campus last Wednesday.

Apart from soup manufacture, I have been mainly glued to one computer or another desperately trying to make sense of the contents of my email backlog. Although I started this job on our way back from France last Sunday, I still haven't managed to deal with the numerous small (but important) tasks that are languishing in there. The big problem has been returning to a series of calendar commitments, with a big event that we are organising just over the horizon on Thursday next week.

I suppose that I should be pleased that I managed to squeeze out two blog posts today (one about last Tuesday's trip to London, the other on some newly published research of mine), and I also had a good chat with Winsford :-)

Exercise today: none (ill).

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