MM: Patriotic

Quite an appropriate theme for those of us in the United States and Canada. Thanks to Carolyn for hosting this month.  First, today is Canada Day! Happy birthday to my favorite neighbor. I have a lot of fond memories of Canada:  going to the Crystal Beach amusement park every summer,  taking students on field trips to the wonderful Ontario Science Center and Fort Erie, spending time at Niagara Falls, and especially riding on the Maid of the Mist. The Maple Leafs and Sabres had a wicked rivalry and Hall of Famer Tim Horton played for both teams. Hockey Night in Canada was a must-see in our house.  Ahh...wonderful memories!

On Thursday we celebrate Independence Day in the United States which will mark the 243rd anniversary of Thomas Jefferson and representatives of all 13 colonies signing the Declaration of Independence.  If you have never read the entire document,  I recommend it.

The blip is simple and that's what I wish for life in both countries and the world...peace, love and prosperity.

This one's for Kd~
Vacationing in Vermont, I picked up the local paper to check out the forecast. It read: Today: Sunny, 76. Tonight: Not so sunny, 55.

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