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By osuzanna

Tiny Tuesday Results and a Five Year Blipday

I had a whole field of beautiful sunshine before me this morning, but the sun actually only appeared for a short time.  Just as well as it was unbearably hot and humid as only it can be here in the D.C. area in July.  The sunflower fields and the lotus gardens are both in bloom right now so Wendy and I are going to be very busy during this next week. 

I was really going for the “Indigo Bunting on the sunflower” shot but I didn’t have the stamina to wait it out in the heat, so instead, I chose this swallowtail butterfly.  

It turns out that this is my 1825th blip, which should represent 5 years, but I have been a bit of a slacker of late so I am a couple of months late in achieving this milestone.  Many thanks to all of you who so faithfully stop by my journal either daily or from time to time.  I am so very grateful.  I cherish all the wonderful friends that I have met through this fabulous website. I am grateful for all the inspiration I get from the amazing photographers here and the many things I have learned from them. 

Now… to get down to business.  I was just blown away by the beautiful images posted this week for Tiny Tuesday.  It really made the hosting job quite difficult.  I have narrowed it down as much as I possibly can but I wish I had hearts for many more.

My favorites:

Some other images that deserve recognition and a second look were posted by: 

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