By Ingeborg

Survivor orchids

These orchids are absolute survivors, I don't think they're watered very regularly and there must have been times when they were baking in the sun without a drop of moisture anywhere. They've decided it was time for another bloom at the other house. Where the work men have finally reached the culprit part of the sewer, pfff. It was extremely messy, and smelly work, earthenware sewer pipes and plants and tree with their roots don't go very well together ! Never ever plant a tree or shrub close to the sewer and other utility lines, that's the warning we have now understood ! 50/60 year old roots are so much stronger than you think.
In any case, the toilets can be flushed again for now !

Let's fast forget about the smell and the rather big amount of euros paid :-) For Flower Friday with thanks to the lovely host Anni/BikerBear !

Thanks so very, very much for the kind comments, stars and hearts for my wild flower and summer garden Blips, you are so very kind !

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