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By essonneimage

Saturday morning English lesson with Anne

Normally Saturday mornings can be busy for my English courses, but as we hit the holiday period, in the coming weeks, I'll only have a couple of students on Saturdays.
This morning it was Sylvie "a grown up" followed by Anne, who is the daughter of some Polish friends... that we've known now for quite a long time.
Anne is very much in advance with her English, as her parents speak it at home from time to time. So we are just concentrating on grammar, vocabulary and speaking/pronounciation. Her parents want her to lose her Polish accent when saying English words... but she is losing it fairly quickly now.

Then after classes Anne can go and play with my daughter, Emma. They are about the same age.

Kids amaze me when it comes to languages. They are like sponges. I did a dictée in English (a dicatation) with my 12 year old son yesterday, who wrote down what I said to him. He made 3 or 4 mistakes on about 18 lines of text.

I was gobsmacked... Where has it come from...? To my shame I haven't done that many English lessons with my kids. With my son, it seems he can understand English as well as I can. Speaking it is another matter though... My daughter is more enthusiastic...

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