Silly Signs

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make up a couple of dozen signs directing people to various bits of the village feast (today).
Hear we have the sign directing people to the music.
Who told them it was Silly Saturday.
The other silly thing that happened to me today was the ‘fly past’.  As the Lancaster usually flies up or down the High Street at a good height I thought my best place for a shot was from our front garden (but not taking into account how large our trees have grown).
So I set up the Tamron 150-600 on the tripod with the film speed cranked well up giving a fast shutter speed with lots of depth of field.  Lens at 600mm and manual focus about three or four hundred metres I was there waiting for a cracking shot.
Arriving two minutes early the Lancaster made its appearance at a little over tree top height coming from Middle Street.  I do have one or two blurry shots of the  rear end of a Lancaster Bomber, and that was after he had made a very quick turn around.  One of the less disastrous shots is at extra.

Of course the third silly thing is the weather.  On miserable damp day in the middle of two (forecast) beautiful weeks, and it has to be the feast day!!

Many thanks to Admirer for hosting SillySaturday

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