Giant ferris wheel

Along with the Karl Marx Hof, one of the other things on K's must see list was the giant ferris wheel - the Wiener Riesenrad - made famous in The Third Man. It's part of the Prater amusement park, and so a lot of the photographic angles have been ruined by clutter around the base. Mr A was particularly disappointed by this.

We also.... travelled a lot on the U bahn and by tram, making full use of 24 hour travel cards we purchased at 4.20pm on Friday afternoon, finishing our last ride around 3.30pm today; saw the Hundertwasser house, the Hundertwasser village, and the Hundertwasser incinerator (the first and third of these are extras - the incinerator has the golden sphere); wandered a bit in the city centre; and had lunch in the Spittelberg area. That was quite enough for a day when it hit 33 degrees. I for one was foot (and right knee) sore by the time we got back to the boat.

We've spent the evening on the boat, in particular on the sun deck, although by now the sun has disappeared, partly because it's getting dark and also because it has dramatically clouded over. Rain and electric storms are predicted for tomorrow. Let's see.... We're leaving here at about 11pm, after one group get back from a concert.

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