Not quite an E-Blip as I did intend it as a "watch this space" in the near future: mebbe 1-1-13.

It's been "sat sitting there" for so long I had begun to think it was on strike, when I spotted these three new growths.

We encountered the first one as a rather handsome indoor plant at "North Lakes" on a Weds-day night boozing mission. Eventually found one, almost by accident, in B&Q, well under-potted and just begging to be rescued. That's my story and I'm, sticking to it.

Since then the pot size has been upped at least once if not twice, and a pup given away.
I had a feeling I'd blipped it some considerable time a go, but if so it's badly tagged as only two show on a search (Neither mine).

I'l try to keep an eye on this and see how it grows.

While double-checking on it I found a youth of the transatlantic persuasion showing how to propagate it. Might try sometime just 4fun.

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