George and Woody

It's been a lovely, full on, sunny and exhausting day.  George likes the old pewter box that my Mum left me which contains the remains of various dead creatures....a bat, a baby bird, a seahorse, stag beetle, butterflies etc.  But they all rattle around in there when carried by small boys.  So, are a bit battered.  George sweetly suggested that Bob the Builder (of children's tv fame)  could fix them. 

He and I spent some time on our own whilst the others went food shopping.  We lay in his bed with cuddly toys pretending about bedtime and so on.  He loves this kind of play.
We all walked to Swanpool Beach in the afternoon and I went for my first English swim this year.  George clung to me and braved the cold.
Great barbecue in the evening.  G not wanting to go to bed even though yawning like mad.  He doesn't understand that it's still time for bed even though still light.

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