Hawthorne Canal Meets Iron Cove

A long lunch today with someone I haven't seen for fifty years.
A great deal to catch up on, as you might imagine:)

I knew today was a big milestone, but the end of the day came and I had nothing, so thought I'd take the camera when I walked Billy, just in case.
I considered holding off until I had something  both more to my liking and more typical.

The usual apologies are due for my lack of comments.
I am in awe of those of you who take wonderful photos, lead busy lives and  comment regularly on so many journals.
I'm afraid there's something seriously wrong with my time management skills.

I occasionally think of turning off comments, and have tried it a couple of times, but for reasons I don't understand, it just doesn't work.

Lots of gaps, but I'm still here and still, mostly, enjoying it.

And thanks, of course, must go to the Fab Four, without whom this very special place would not exist.

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