By dfb24


...a whole field of them. I went for a walk and lasted exactly 4 1/2 minutes, during which I took this and hot footed it back to my air conditioned car, where I drove back to my air conditioned house!  What was I thinking? It's 96 degrees right now, and humid.....& totally unbearable! As I've frequently written before, extreme heat and I don't get along, so I'm inside for the rest of the day!  Tom's MD appt. was this morning, and it was one of those good news/bad news things, but the good out-weighed the bad today. Basically, without boring you all with a lot of medical jargon, he's moving toward the more acute stage of his leukemia, but he isn't there yet. His blood counts are holding steady in spite of the increase in the blasts (bad stuff) so he'll have Tom continue the chemo until the blood counts start falling--as they did when he was first diagnosed--at which point he'll need to switch to another treatment that's a little rougher to handle.  At least Tom's been feeling good--in fact he fixed the carburetor on his motorcycle and took it out for a spin a couple days ago--so all's stable for right now.   :))

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