By schorschi

Wild West

Lovely sunny day but the nights are really cool getting down to about 10°C, so the days seem to take some time to warm up. Having a bad conscience about my lack of gardening work, I did manage a couple of hours trying to de-weed a border that had been overrun by lots of bee-friendly seedlings such as rape. The real motive is that I want to put the new beehive in the bed as it is somewhat better than their current position.

Out for evening walk and swim with Luna, saw a very large group of caravans have set up a perfect quadrangle on a farmer's field just outside the village. Seems to be very organised, even with a large rubbish container skip at the entrance to the field.

I have no idea if this is a caravan club organised event, I think this field has been used in the past by a church youth organisation for a summer youth tent camp. However, I suspect it may well be a group of Romani travellers who have in the past set up camp right on the field used in summer as the parking place for people swimming in the lakes. It caused some controversy two years ago, so it could be the parish council have organised something to prevent a repeat.

Just two days ago, I passed a large family group walking by the lakes who were in appearance & from the language almost certainly from the eastern part of Europe. Haven't heard of any trouble although I haven't been talking to anyone from the village of late.

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