A ring of curious cattle

A day at home, a "pool day" as my London family call it.
John cut a lot of the grass that  hasn't been cut for 3 weeks.
Dela and I had a walk and  admired  the  lake and the greenery and the forest.
And the cattle, who all walked over to the fence when we approached.
I have digitally  removed the many flies bothering the calves, the adults were mostly fly-free.
Keith and John took the electric bikes down to the shop and bought supplies.
We had a look at my work room and some of the many pictures that are mouldering in drawers up there.
I ripped up a bunch of weeds and grass, from neglected flower beds.
They were brutally weeded and tidied  before we went away, but it didn't look like it!
Keith made a slow-cooked dinner with a mixture of reindeer meat, goat  and lamb - all very exotic!
So I ate a bit of meat, just to be sociable.
The garden looks so smart  when it's had a haircut!
I saw several butterflies, last year there were hardly any in evidence.
One is in the extra.

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