By HeidiHH


The beach looks very different today. We have another bag of Sahara air (and dust) in the air and most of the colors have disappeared.

Still a very nice swim this morning. Cooling even if the water is now at 26°C.

It's been a hot day. HOT day. And it's gonna be a tropical night. The meteorologists say that this is not a third heatwave yet. Instead they talk about Sahara air pocket reaching us. I guess it's gonna pass faster than a heatwave. I really don't know what the difference is.

Today I kind of built a tent. We have an awning on the wall in the front yard to get some shade. So today I attached couple of fabrics to hang from the edge of it to create better shade:
It does not look good, but it make sitting outside bearable.

Dogs are all right. I do think that after yesterday they assumed that the treats will continue to flow all day long today too, but they were mistaken.

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