Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

RHS Wisley

This morning I met a friend at RHS Wisley for a coffee (they have excellent coffee) and the see the beautiful gardens. Before I go on holiday I always get myself unnecessarily stressed at how much I have to do, and then I add to my workload by changing all the bedding and washing all the towels as I like to come home to fresh linen. So going out for the morning forced me to stop getting myself in a tizz about things! 

RHS Wisley has a new entrance with a super new cafe and shop, and as it only opened last month it was good to see it. The gardens were looking stunning, especially the roses. I liked the way the rockeries were all in bloom and all the ponds had water lilies too. 

Before I went I had done a small grocery shop for a few items I needed, washed the bedding and collected the dry cleaning. When I got home I ironed the bedding (I know, I shouldn't but I like to do it) and started packing - well to be honest laying my clothes out and deciding what I must take. We need specific clothing for Galapagos (quick drying shorts for the zodiac rides) and warm clothing for Peru as it is winter there. 

I am also panicking about altitude sickness, I know it will affect me as I was immediately affected when I went up Aguille du Midi in Chamonix but I can't do much about it. The local Peruvians drink coca tea to combat altitude sickness but as it contains cocaine I won't be doing that (it is legal in Peru but illegal in the USA). At 3400m above sea level Cusco is very high and most people I know who have been there have been affected by altitude sickness.

Tomorrow I have a hairdresser appointment in the morning and in the evening we have a special party to go to - a friend's 50th and her two children's 21st and 18th parties - so I must make sure I am organised and all packed by tonight as we leave on Sunday morning. 

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