hello again

By admirer


over the water of the harbour to the other side. He had stood on the wall, but when I came nearer, wanting to take perhaps a silly photo of him, this did not amuse him at all. It looks as if the reflected building is laughing at him.
Again a dull day, with soft rain falling now and then.
I cut the wisteria for a while, much more left to be done.
It was nearly 6 pm when we walked down the hill to see if the bridge was open now for the cars and busses. And it was, but there were traffic lights because the pedestrian side had not been finished yet. It will take probably a long time before everything is back to normal. 
We walked around the harbour, sat on a bench to have a nice view.
The swan family with the four cygnets was sleeping on the island.
Under the roofs of many buildings there ware swallow's nests. A lot of noise on can here when you walk along.

I'll will catch up tomorrow, because it is a bit late already, but will sprinkle stars and give hearts anyway.

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