Another one for the high jump!

For once today turned out exactly as forecast - cloudy most of the day with a light breeze, becoming sunny towards the end of the afternoon!

I went to the Morven Games with my daughter - a chilly trip over the water to Mull this morning on a jam-packed 'Isle of Mull', then a short bus ride to Fishnish, another ferry ride to Lochaline, followed by a courtesy minibus drive up to the field.

It was all rather disorganised. A local lady was asked to make an introduction, but owing to the way she held the mike nobody heard a word! After an hour in which very little appeared to be happening the long jump competition began with no announcement. As it was 150 yards away in a corner of the field to which there was no public access the only people who witnessed it were those taking part and those spectators who had brought binoculars!

Oh well - the afternoon wandered on and most of the spectators seemed happy to have lunch and talk with friends. I did get a few pictures - like this one - of the high jump events until the dancing began right in front, making further photography impossible. Still it was a fun day out and we walked back to the ferry at Lochaline enjoying the sights of the village. I returned to Oban in brilliant sunshine!

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