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By Chamaeleo

Garden: Tank Trap

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Quiet day at home...
Tank makes sitting in the garden in the summer rather perilous: he relentless pursues and attacks feet. If something is vaguely tortoise-sized and moves on the ground, it is for attacking, and he never gives up, like a monstrous little automaton. He doesn't attack fingers or hands (you can stroke his chin or hand feed him safely), but feet/shoes are never safe.
His attack strategy is straightforward (literally): he proceeds directly towards the challenge and rams, head-butts, and bites. This tennis ball had appeared on the lawn (presumably knocked over a neighbouring fence): by standing the other side of it from him, he'd run into it (obliviously: he didn't seem to see or register it) and continue his direct attack approach, clambering awkwardly over the ball. Silly creature!

Other Tank shots are on this page (or right from "Threat to toes...")

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