Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

13th June 1990

Without having realised it, I came back to Blip on the 13th of June, which just happened to be the 29th anniversaire of when my Dad left us.

Just one of those co-incidences.

So a second in a row tribute collage, showing my Dad and me. The black & white ones of us as young teenagers (I was about 14 in that photo). The other pictures, we have quite a difference in age. The one of my Dad taken in 1989 when he was 43, the one of me taken this year... I'll be 50 in January.

Everyone says we look alike... perhaps because I've decided to grow a beard? Or is it the eybrows and lack of hair? :-)

My Dad was born in Enderby and was Leicestershire through and through. We had a spell living in Hinckley when I was a child, he worked in Nuneaton. Then we moved back to Leicester. He worked for Jones & Shipman on Narborough Road. In the 80's he was on CB radio (Handle "Superfly") and was also a radio ham (like the Tony Hancock radio sketch... "It ar' not raining in Tokyo"). He was studying morse code just before he passed away.

His Dad was also a radio ham in the 50's & 60's. Like father, like son...

These days we just have Blipfoto... :-)

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