Possibly more tops than one woman needs. T-shirts, then vests, then long sleeved tops. the shelves are not sorted yet as I ran out of steam yesterday and have been too busy today. Most of these tops are second hand ones and some of them are in their third decade with me! I still have the first blouse I made as a 14 year old.... throwing away isn't in my DNA.

Today I started the process of making elderflower cordial ( got the recipe out, picked the flower heads) but missed the shops for sugar and lemons. Tomorrow's job. How did I miss shops that close at 10 o'clock at night? We were out celebrating our God-daughter M's 14th birthday and eating cake, and talking with old friends and new. Lovely to see the birthday girl and to eat some magic strawberry cake too. There are always so may things to talk about and to tell one another when you meet infrequently. No other entertainment is needed.

We drove home and stared in wonder at the sky, golden and silver at almost 11 at night! It is stunningly beautiful, and all the better for having been rained on. Earlier in the day I continued the tearing up of lupins and filled five barrows of the greenery and seed heads. It looks a lot better with all that lot gone, but boy was it sweaty work! Very muggy and hot, and you could feel the rain was on its way.

Keith had a Karin treatment at home, and I got to spend an hour with the lovely V, eating freshly baked oat cakes and pizza slices. She said "14 is an interesting age", and we talked about how we were at that age ourselves. She is 19 herself so her memory is no doubt sharper than mine!

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