By MerlotsDad


First let me say thanks for calling in yesterday.

I went to the docs to talk about changing my pain control. My physio had suggested this as when I have a flare up the pain is Excruciating and nothing really works. So I've changed to a nerve pain tab which fingers crossed will work better.

Yesterday saw the Bowen man just after lunch for an hour. I dove there but not back as I always feel drained afterwards. By the later afternoon I was feeling OK and drive to docs and then chemist. The folks in the chemist asked where I'd been and of course when I explained they were pleased with my progress

Today....... Wait for it I went to the GYM again. This time I pedalled a bike a few kilometres. It killed me but I'm going back tomorrow for another bash. I won't go for so long tomorrow cos I know my limitations now.

Felt tired this pm but no cramps as yet. Shoulder still a little iffy but nothing like it has been in the past.

Thank you all very much for all your kind wishes.

Warm and Muggy day

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