Before or after?

We both spent hours in the green gym today, the neglect of last (hot, dry & indolent) summer combined with 3 missing weeks of gardening has left things in a bit of a mess. Keith went for nettles and I cleared the big flower bed of vetch and tansy and GRASS. It is hard to keep these strays out, there were several small birch trees too.

I took a picture, but honestly it looks like a bit of garden, nothing special. The carting away of many barrow loads of green rubbish just doesn't show. So here you are, two of the peonies in situ.

It has been incredibly muggy today, which is tiring. 18°C felt like it was far too hot, the horse flies were persistent and the grass pollen flew around wildly. Showers were called for before we set off to town to hear Karin in the pretend old church at the museum. We were so tired we almost didn't go but I'm glad we did, it was peaceful and charming. And incredibly damp. When I hugged Karin goodbye she was actually wet with condensation!

We are due to get some warmer weather next week, which will be nice. It has been a bit of a strange summer so far. Collected my sewing machine before leaving town, only to find they have sent the wrong one. Mine is white with pink bits, this is white with lime green bits and is the cheaper model. I paid a bit more to get automatic buttonholes as they are a faff. Now I will have another faff, sorting this out, sending it back I presume.... and waiting for the right one to be delivered. Only a small irritation in the life of luxury that I am leading, but a bit disappointing all the same.

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