But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


After last night’s downpour, this morning we had the haar; so in the few hours before our boat came in we were sent out to “capture the atmosphere”. So I did that and then went on a personal mission to document one of the black houses; unfortunately, posting this before the week-end precludes me processing those images in time to include as extras. They’re not great images anyway – but do mean something to me. Before I met Mrs TD, I lived in a caravan with internal dimensions bigger than those of a black house, and I didn’t have to share living space with sheep and cattle. To be fair, the more luxurious models did have an extension for the livestock.
The boat ride back to Uig was swift and tolerable since we were running with the weather. It became quite exciting when the skipper saw a pod of dolphins and gave chase with us all hanging on to to the hand rails on the after-deck; had I a camera to hand I doubt if I would have been able to use it. We started off by circling the dolphins a few times – then they cottoned on and gave chase, playing in the stern wave and giving us about 10 minutes of pure spectator sport. It was a bunch of very happy bunnies that disembarked an hour later.

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