We woke to a beautiful day, hot and sunny, very pleasant indeed.  We had a nice breakfast, and then were taken on our first trip.  

Our coach driver, Andy, is quite the lad, and makes travelling with him fun and interesting.  And he knows his stuff so we are getting the very best out of our day.

We visited the village of Alfriston in the morning; a very pleasant village, although the traffic coming through it spoiled the nice effect a bit.  Quite a few flint houses, and we had coffee out of doors and people watched for a bit.  Then walked the length of the village, admiring the different styles of architecture.

In the afternoon we were taken to Lewes, and the HG and I visited Lewes Castle. (Extra photo).   It was built by William the Conqueror after 1066, we were told, and was very interesting.  There was a lovely garden too, and I sat there while the HG climbed right up to the top of the castle.  There were several school groups there too, I think that this is the last week of school down here and there are a lot of school trips taking place it seems.

And in the evening we walked along the promenade and on the pier, which was lovely.  Eastbourne seems quite a select resort, and lots of flower beds and nice areas on the prom.  Lots of people in the water and on the shingle beach too.  

The hotel has some entertainment each evening, so we listened to a some singing and had a glass of wine, as you do, before bedtime.

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