Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

There's a hole in the roof!

But only because Keith made it! There was evidence of a leak in my closet, in the extreme corner so my roofer has been addressing the problem. There was no hole, no evidence of rot, no waterproof membrane and no insulation either! So he's been shoving rock wool into the cavity and laying a waterproof layer (or two) and making a better job of it than the original builders. It is extremely nippy in my closet in the winter, it will be interesting to see if this makes a difference. The leak? Probably an ice dam on the edge of the roof, them when it warms up the water melting, and running down collects above the dam, and finds it's own way down, through the ceiling!

Whilst that major work was going on above my head, I cut the grass - a huge job when the garden is so extensive. 3000  square meters, 0.7413 of an acre no less. We spoke to some newly established people the other day who were amazed to find that houses and land are half the price if they move a mere 60 kilometers,  from Sundsvall to Härnösand. If you move out to where we live15 kilometers from town, you can half the price again more or less. If you are willing to move inland to Kramfors you can buy a detached house with a nice garden for peanuts, and the next town along the valley, Bollstabruk, is full of nice houses that no-one wants to buy at all! There is very little work there and the population is shrinking... The inland areas are struggling and losing people, some of the coastal towns are filling up and the drift is strongly to the south of the country. People are moving up here from Holland and Germany, Belgium and the UK, for obvious reasons!

Anyway, I cut the grass! We started the day with a swim in the big lake, and we have just come back from another swim in the same lake. It was refreshing and peaceful apart from a cross-sounding artic tern chattering, and a duck flying past, honking. It is so beautiful here in the summer, lush growth and clear air. On the other hand I do have over 30 insect bites below my knees despite covering up and using repellant. Ho hum!

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