Birthday BBQ

Heston came up for a cuddle this morning before I got up - he loves to be close to people! Watered their garden - looking gorgeous (extra) then headed over to Willen Lake to meet up with the little ones in the splash park - great park with lots of water sprays and channels to play in - like a beach without the sandy bits (no photos allowed though). Brilliant to play in - Mx wanted to throw some ducks in the ‘river’ and watch them float down the channel then have me pick them up and do it again (and again!). Spent some time in the play park too (extras), then bought a birthday cake for A before setting off to her place for the BBQ. It’s her birthday tomorrow but she and N are going to the National Space Centre and are staying in a hotel nearby overnight afterwards so we won’t see her.
She’d made a lovely spread, we chatted (mainly about the wedding venue and worrying about dates now her bridesmaid is training to be a teacher and won’t be able to come midweek in term time - she’s disappointed). Lots of food, music, Mx dancing, AR giving everyone tattoos (ie drawing on us - see K’s orange one on her arm!) and arranging stones into patterns, O and N organising the fire and playing with old wrestling figures (pretending it was all to entertain the kids!).
Chatted till late with the chimenea smoking us out, then home to hear about Kt’s Budapest trip before bed. Lovely day

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