Hot hot day

I’m not sure what the temperature was today but I let my back and back legs see the sun and feel the heat. I’m guessing it was about 35 degrees.

I finished reading the fiction book I’ve been enjoying for the last few days - it was excellent and had an unexpected twist at the end. ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ is a recommendation for reading. A work colleague leant it to me months ago and said I just had to read it. I loved it and I cried through the last 20 or so pages (very unusual for me with a book) so it was obviously a story in which I felt emotionally invested.

Homemade pizza for dinner. Very nice

No cows walked past the house today (it was too hot)

I missed the 7:30am walk as I was too tired and managed to sleep for another 2 hours after that whilst everyone else went out.

Blip is of a plant in the garden with sunlight lighting it from behind, in the early evening, and a pretty shield beetle sitting on the seed heads.

I went to the supermarket today but forgot to use it as a blip opportunity. Got essentials like antiseptic and cream to sooth insect bites!

A weather warning for severe heat has been issued for tomorrow in France so it’s a case of staying hydrated and maybe being more cautious about being outside as I was out a lot today (having said that I’m not burned as such, I’m just glowing in a warmer tone). I’ve had a big hat on and dark shades and I’ve been slathering suncream on.

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