Pictorial blethers

By blethers


The word "promenade" has all sorts of connotations, and I don't know if I myself actually use it in casual conversation about, say, a friend's house which is in the distance in this photo. Addresses here are in "Alexandra Parade", but in my head this is the East Bay prom of Dunoon, where as a new mother and an even newer resident in Dunoon, I used to walk with the pram as being a way of telling myself I'd come to live at the seaside and look: there was the sea...

Said sea was being really quite splashy this afternoon in that strange warm wind that was strong enough to be annoying but not, really, to cool you down. We were lurking, really, watching the distant ferry at McInroy's Point and wondering if it had in fact left the pier with our friends aboard ...  when it did, we had to scamper back up the road to our house so that we were in when they arrived.

I love the metallic green of the sea. It really was that marvellous colour, almost iridescent under that dark and threatening sky. It didn't rain, our friends arrived, we drank champagne. And that was only the beginning of the evening ...

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