Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Not So Nutritious Breakfast

I woke up this morning still somehow full from yesterday's burger dinner but I knew I needed to eat before we got the train. As Rich fancied a McMuffin I decided to get my hash brown on! I adore hash browns; sadly only 2 of these are mine.

After the train journey, we just went straight to a bar because of course we did! We popped to BrewDog to sample their new pale ale, 'Chip Hazard'; a mint chocolate ice cream ale that tasted nothing like mint, chocolate or ice cream... It was quite a refreshing beer but lacked any real flavour. 

We toyed with the idea of staying out for some boozing but frankly my wallet was suffering from yesterday, so we opted instead for inviting Kie over for a few cheap beers and Die Hard 2! Noice.

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