Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Well today was cooking!  I had to go up to Cardiff to drop off the money and t-shirts back to Kidney Wales after Sunday's Walk For Life, and then nip into the city centre to pick something up from Apple.

It was very, very hot, luckily I was able to stay hydrated as the cafe in Bute Park and Waterstones allowed me to top up my water bottle.  Well done to those businesses for working with the community to ensure public health.  As I was walking past the castle some poor old gent had collapsed with heat exhaustion, luckily an ambulance was there and a paramedic was looking after him.  Hope he's ok.  The one error I made today was not wearing a hat, that would have helped.

Had lunch and a wander around Bute Park, it was looking beautiful.  Preparations were underway for the Homeless World Cup that starts on Saturday.  I may just pop down and have a look, as I'm doing nothing else.

A bit bittersweet tonight, as the British Transplant Games get underway in Newport.  I'd entered the cycling time trial and was due to compete tomorrow, but the various muck ups that happened on Monday meant that something has gone wrong with my entry, and I've not got a start time in the cycling.  I have queried it but someone promised they would ring me back after checking with the organisers, but I've heard nothing.  So I won't be competing tomorrow now :(

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