Lost in Thought

By steveng

Swirly Heat & Humidity

I like the heat - but I think even I will be glad of some relief from the humidity.  This morning in Leamington Spa we were in Specsavers for Gill to have her eyes retested and then Coffee #1 taking on fluids.  Leaving both buildings was a little like I remember Singapore - and with the car reporting 31C on the way home that seems about right. I did manage some film shots while Gill was in with the optometrist so hopefully they will be blippable soon.

I've gone for a super simple Helios lens swirly bokeh blip of one of the plants growing in the railway cutting at the back of our garden.  As I walked back to my garden chair - all of 5 metres - a blue tit settled on one of the bird feeders - in the extra.

Hope everyone else (in Europe) is managing to stay hydrated!

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