Made happy

This was a man made happy, very very happy by clothes! He took his nice white trainers off as they didn't match the outfit... He was so thrilled with them he even wore them home to surprise his wife. M works at the museum and was attending the medieval mass this evening, where people had been encouraged to wear medieval-ish clothes.

Four women came to the singing workshop and we had a lovely hour or so, singing behind the altar, in the apse where the sound just gets amplified and rounder somehow. We sang the same songs that would be used in the evening on the off chance that they would come back then, and strengthen the congregation. Two of them came and sang!

It was a lovely hour of music, ritual and latin, in the dark church lit by candles, smelling of incense from the Greek monastery of Athos, and the rose oil from Israel that Sven used to bless everyone on their foreheads. It felt like the people who were there enjoyed the atmosphere.

We rounded off a busy day with a meal on the quayside in town, with four of us chewing the fat. Our visitors left this morning, showered and then packed the car, and then had to shower again as it was so hot they were wet through with sweat. Keith and I swam for a long while to cool off at midday. It's been almost 30 degrees all day, and was still 20 at 11 at night. The heatwave is in force all over the place, and we are in the hottest place in Sweden. More of the same tomorrow.

The singing in the evening went well, Karin, on the right of the picture, half in and half out of her costume, sang some part songs and didn't get lost or steal each others' tunes. It happens sometimes. It really is a long time since I did any proper singing and I enjoyed it a lot. On Saturday we'll do some more on the medieval day.

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