By wrperry

Purple Martin Neighborhood

I visited one of the Massachusetts Audubon locations yesterday, and spent most of the time with the Purple Martins.  The nest boxes were bustling with activity, including the tussle between these two. They are the largest swallow in North America, and primarily live in man-made nest boxes.  While watching I saw them feeding their young butterflies and dragonflies (in extra).  I would have stayed longer, but the sun was strong, and family members were waiting for me at home.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my golden winged dragonfly yesterday.  I should mention that the dragonfly in the perilous situation in my extra, ended up freeing itself.  I don't think the bird suffered much.  There were many to be had.

(I see that I have reached a milestone.  The best part is having the opportunity to mention how much the blip community means to me.  Thank you all for your wonderful friendship and support!!!)

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