A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

And the rain came down!

Well it was promised and we’ve had rain much of the night and most of the day though it was fine when we went to do our shopping this morning.
The rain started again when, on our way back, we called into this little church - St James’ at Lees with Crossroads. Our Asst Priest, Liz had told me the church was having an open weekend as I’d said I’d never been in.
The interest is because it is the church where my parents were married nearly 80 years ago, on the 31st August 1940. Obviously a wartime wedding when my dad was in leave. After the service they walked home up the ‘crag’ to my grandparents’ home in Flappit. Not the only exciting event of that day as that night they bombed Bradford which they could see from up there. I was told they spent there wedding night under the table!
We stopped for a coffee and the vicar, who Chris had worked with before said we should chat to the chap on the next table as he was an ex warden and was responsible for the photography on display around the church. I asked him if he had thought of doing Blipfoto and lo and behold it was Photo Pete who I follow for his local shots but haven't had the opportunity to meet before.
We had a good chat about all things photography. Great to meet him at last.

Proper rain wet we came out - the lovely little window was quite appropriate for today. A shame for all organised events today. It it is a relief that the heat has abated. Cool enough to get the ironing done this afternoon!

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