Hot football

The only people on campus today with adequate energy to exercise in the face of the summer heat were these Italian language school pupils. This afternoon they were making quite a racket as they played football and shouted over the 'music' that was blasting out of a speaker somewhere, then echoing round the courtyard. I'm glad that my office doesn't look out on to the view captured in my blip.

By the end of the working day I had in my hands a full draft schedule for all the teaching activities and private study tasks for my module in semester 1 next academic year. It's likely to be tweaked a little before term starts, but I am pleased that this job is now largely complete. Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to write the assessment specifications and the exam papers, but this can be done later.

This evening Mr hazelh enjoyed a quiet night in together on our own - a increasingly rare occurrence in this household of late!

Exercise today: walking (18,936 steps).

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