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By HarlingDarling

Gardening in the green gym

I didn't mean to, but I gardened for several hours in my nightie! I went out to see what the day was like and got sucked into clearing dead heads, and removing superfluous greenery. Five barrow loads today. I put proper clothes on eventually.

As you can imagine from the above, the temperatures have dropped to more useful levels, mid twenties and breezy. The biting insects dislike the wind so I love it! The garden is full of flowers and there are a number of returning heroes too. Mallows! My massive mallow bed just died off one year, and no mallows came the next year, or the two after that. Now I have a few mallows here and there and am caring for them like delicate newborns.

And sweet Williams, which I used to have in half a dozen places, also decided to die back to nothing at all last year. I have been careful to save and pre-cultivate seeds and I used to have so many glorious flowers. This year some of them are back, feeble and few, but lots of green growth that I am choosing to see as a promise of more next year.

These sea holly (?) are a beautiful lavender blue and they have been in the garden for 7 or 8 years. I have split them and replanted them to increase the "flock", they look wonderful against the green - and they dry lavender coloured if you pick them at the right moment.

This is my sort of gardening, tidying up a bit, hacking back a bit, carting off debris, finding treasure - three tiny lavender plants from last year have survived and are now showing their new growth - thank you Lidl! Keith was finishing off the roof project today, we had a G&T to celebrate, in the last spot of sunlight. What a wonderful world to spend time in!

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