The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Thesis editing and cake planning

Within four days of each other two amazing things will be happening in August:
(1) my Nana turns 80 and;
(2) I will submit my PhD thesis.

In preparation for them both, I have sat today and planned my actions - first I have planned the discussion section of my thesis and then I planned my cake making as we will be visiting home for her important birthday (I blip the Mary Berry recipe from her book that I use, but I do double this recipe for the cake!).

Aside from doing this, I also made a corned beef hash (a favourite of this northerner!) and also edited another small thesis chapter. I now only have my discussion to edit (which will take a bit longer) and that will be the final draft of my thesis done ready to cross-check and proof read.

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