Happy 1st birthday!

A certain special someone turned one this week. To mark this great occasion, her parents organised a lovely party today for the birthday girl and her friends, young and old.

Mr hazelh and I paddled most of our way to the party as torrents of rain poured along the cycle paths between our flat and Harper's house. Our feet were soaked after 40 minutes of splashing in and out of the puddles. I only managed to keep my dress dry by hoisting it up and tucking it into my tights under my anorak. (Nobody witnessed this - because nobody else was as mad as us to go out for a walk in this weather!)

My blip shows Mr hazelh entertaining the birthday girl at the start of the party. If you pop over to nadinepierce's journal you'll see some of the other party guests, myself included.

We also hosted a wee party of our own today. My second cousin Ellie and her boyfriend Alex are staying overnight with us on their way up to the far north for a week of salmon fishing. They each reached Edinburgh separately from Somerset (by car) and Suffolk (by train) earlier this evening. Since their arrival there has been non-stop fizz, wine, food, chat and a few Exploding Kittens. It's great to see the pair of them, even if it's just for a few hours on this occasion.

Exercise today: short run in 17'33" and walking (20,587 steps - including the run)

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