By Nokinnikon

Private hell.

A short documentary on the debilitating severe sciatic nerve damage delivers, not being able to sit upright, lay down, cough, sneeze, sleep, walk, enjoy life it brings, not being able to put your socks or underwear on properly its amazing how quickly one has to adapt and i have all my limbs, god bless those who are much much less fortunate. 

Not one for being known as sedentary this is punishment for being so active, the only way i can describe this to those who have never had the misfortune to suffer with this is likened to have the worst case of Plantar fasciitis in both feet with an extra bonus of pain.

Although i am grateful its nothing more serious, and i know the pain will go and all that comes with it, it just brings home how much we all take our mobility for granted.

love and light to those who are suffering more xxx


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