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By HarlingDarling

White goods put out to grass!

We have replaced the malfunctioning cooker with a more modern one that we hope will work well. It's from the guest house, the red house kitchen. We had the help of a qualified electrician to install it as the electrics in the red house are not entirely compatible with the ovens of today. It was beyond us, anyhow we aren't allowed to faff about with electricity if we want our house insurance to be valid!

So today we carted it off to the recycling centre down the road and left it looking a bit sorry for itself with an old dishwasher and an oven that looked pretty modern. I love that place, a container for everything, or a pile to add things too, a tank for oil, a shed for electrical devices, a fenced area for dangerous things like paint and thinners. And so on! 

Hardly any of our waste ends up as land fill, what can be recycled gets recycled, what can be burnt goes to make district heating for people living in town. It seems to work really well and most of the things you might want to leave there can be deposited without a fee. Asbestos costs a bomb, they weigh things like that, and builder's rubbish can be expensive. They weigh the trucks coming in to dump stuff, and then as they drive out.... and charge accordingly.

It has been a rainy day today, we were out and about in the morning when the sun was shining, I watered Rose's plants for her. They all survived the heatwave which is good news. I did wonder how they'd be. The extra is a slight cheat as I took it yesterday, before the onslaught of the rain. This rose bush was a gift from Lasse and Annika when I was 60 and it is doing nicely - more blooms every year.

I wrote about the return of the pink mallows yesterday, and today my friend Claire asked for some for her new garden. I don't think I can run to "some" but one, maybe two will be heading north soon. We're going there for a G&T get-together, the first for a while as we are all very mobile and busy - especially the pensioners!

We watched some TV last night, Killing Eve, series 2. I had weird dreams and disturbing thoughts that woke me up early. There is a lot to process after these rich and involved programmes - and the state of politics in the UK is a contributory factor I'm sure. Blood boiling and all that. I am shocked at the brazenness, the choosing and elevating of totally unsuitable people to take up important posts, the rewarding of "loyalty" and the complete lack of care for the actual citizens of the UK. And the sort of language that has become acceptable in public shocks me. People of faith say they feel that it is all in God's hands and all will be well. I really hope so, but feel that standing idly by watching the circus destroy society isn't the way forward, whatever your beliefs. The new government is so at odds with the humane and caring, intelligent and balanced world I inhabit on blip, and largely in life. Surely this is the time for motivation and action? But what?

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