Keith B

By keibr

Finishing the Roof (Day 4)

Today was sunny, but a lot cooler, so it was back to the roof to finish the project. The corner where it had leaked is now well insulated and covered in waterproof bitumen roll. Even if a little water leaks through the metal roof it should just run off anyway. Finally the battens were laid, some to fix the metal roof to, and some to support the roof if a lot of heavy snow lands on it. The small gaps in the lower battens are there to let meltwater drain away.
The final metal sheet was replaced; loose nails were replaced with screws; and the few holes were sealed with silicon.  All the tools are put away, and the waste and dust is ready to take to the recycling centre.
Now the inside of the house on that corner needs a little decorating, so we really know the leak has been stopped.

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