Three happy handfuls

Monty Don said the best thing to do was to pick all your sweet peas every 8 days... to be honest if l did that they would mostly be over before l pick them.  I pick mine every 4 days instead and they seem to be doing well.  This year l have grown three towers each with an individual colour.  Hence the separation in the basket.  I then mix them in the vases.  It seems that the white and red varieties are much weaker in their stems than the blue which is a shame.. perhaps l should feed them more.
It has been a lovely day with sunshine and a gentle breeze but warm enough to not want to exert oneself too much!  
I have found moth in the sitting room ... tomorrow a man is going to come and spray the carpet and fog the room which means that Flossie and l must make ourselves scarce for at least 4 hours so we are going to meet a friend for lunch and perhaps go painting but l don't think the weather is going to be that good... oh well.

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