By lgrcecldwll

The Linn & Love Island

I had an amazingly busy weekend & was feeling the exhaustion after attending my pals birthday sub-crawl in Glasgow on Saturday.

J picked me up after work today & we went for a dip in the Linn. It was much needed after another sticky shift in the deli.

The Linn is our local swimming pool. Comrie means the meeting place in Gaelic & it is where The Earn, The Ruchill & The Lednock rivers meet. On a sunny day, you’ll find half the village there - but tonight we had it mostly to ourselves.

It started raining & the water is always so cold, but it washed away my exhaustion.

Home to find J had been busy making homemade ricotta, and he cooked up a gorgeous dinner while I lay on the sofa. I do a lot of the cooking at home, mostly because our schedules are different & I tend to be home earlier in the evenings. He always makes such an effort of his days off. I really, really appreciated it tonight.

H & I watched the Love Island final, with only mildly judgemental looks from Nell. I’m going to have to find another way to switch my brain off now that it is over. Regardless both H & I were delighted with the result & we had a wee celebratory screech & dance.

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