By lgrcecldwll


After a lazy morning, Juliet & I took the e-bikes for a spin to the Lednock damn.

I was glad we brought hob knobs! Despite the help from turbo mode it was a little further than we both thought!

A visit to mum’s, her & dad have been away at Womad festival, so it was good to catch up & get some feline love from the newest additions to our household.

Tam & Angus arrived a couple of months ago.
We have always had cats. We lost our beloved Cleo last year, and Ash said his goodbyes in January after 20 years as part of the family.
After a healing period, Mum came across two ginger boys in need of a new home...and they fit in perfectly. They are great companions for both M&D now that all there babies have left home.
They are such characters, gentle, loving and horrendously murderous (I found a decomposing shrew under the curtain in the kitchen this afternoon)

Tam wasn’t sure what to think of me & my he took refuge behind the towels.

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