Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Polar bear Ted

Got woken up in the night by the rain in the roof of the camper. Still cleared up a bit for most of the day before chucking it down when we started to pack up the camper. Today was a day for gold award training. Kilda had two 20 minute sessions. We managed to get her to bring the boat back with a person in it and even collecting her float toy from the shallow bit of the pool, which is a completely alien thing for the dogs to do. The polar bear in the photo is Ted who did a great job collecting his ball. Kilda is the extra. Managed to get finished and away by 3.30 for the long drive home in the rain again. Got back with enough time to watch the German GP. Wasn’t hopeful as I had Vettel in the fantasy league but turned out well in the end.

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