By Kwtracey

Aeration Fountain

This neighborhood is kind of special to me as when it was first being built as a senior community, I thought that we might move there. It is near our old neighborhood and is across the road from a wonderful park and is adjacent to bike trails and has an indoor pool for the residents. It seemed like the natural next step. As it turned out, we opted for a much different and unexpected change when we chose a four acre wooded lot in the middle of the southern Maryland farmlands. It is actually not very far from this senior community, but just a few miles makes a huge difference down here. 
I tried using various high iso noise reduction settings for this to try to capture the fountain without too much noise. It still has noise, but I think that I have a better idea about how to use the iso noise reduction settings. Thanks very much to madwill for your help. Your advice has been a game changer for me. 

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