Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Worth the Effort

I finished off the boarding of the loft this morning and then started re-arranging the contents.  Regrettably, this was having a less than ideal impact on my left knee so I decided to leave it late morning, head to the tip with more rubbish and carry on to the gym for a swim.

I only realised how painful the knee was when I tried a length or two of breaststroke.  The kicking motion sent bolts of pain up my leg and I soon reverted to front crawl.  I stayed at the gym in the afternoon, sitting in front of the massive TV screen, watching the first Ashes Test.  What a good session for England, 5 wickets for 74 runs.  Pity a certain batsman called Smith was still in.  A remarkable cricketer, he must have an incredible eye for the ball as he shuffles across his stumps on every delivery.  Were he to miss one he would surely be out LBW.

As I headed home my knee was throbbing, I even succumbed to pain relief.  However, when I saw clear skies on the western horizon with cloud above about an hour before sunset I couldn't resist a quick trip out into the local countryside.

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