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By HarlingDarling

Goodbye pastel month! It's been "interesting".

I quite like this one. The rest are in the extra, I'm so glad the month of pastels is over. I used to love working int his medium, not sure what's happened to that love affair. Anyhow, August is more thrilling, pen and ink and if I feel like it a bit of colour.

Thanks for all the concern for Keith, he's so much brighter today and slept a long long time. He's not in a lot of pain, the aspirin is enough to keep it quiet, but he isn't up to snuff yet. We stayed home today and will travel to our friend's tomorrow instead.There is nothing like your own bed! Mind you, there is nothing like time with old friends either, so it wasn't such a nice decision.

I got the red house ready for Kjell next week, mostly spending time on the new oven. New to us, but not entirely clean, so I used some violent chemicals on it to get the grime that was firmly baked on, off! The house is almost ready, just a radiator to be rehung and a bit of skirting board nailed up. The oven was fractionally wider than the one it replaced, causing WORK and BOTHER, mostly for Keith.

Washing got done, remarks were made on the cold weather, sitting around happened. I did a bit of admin, contacting the Apple repairers about the screen full of white lines, black lines, shadow images - and sometimes perfectly normal. I think there is a loose connection, and they had the whole thing in pieces in May... I think those two things are linked. It explains why my commenting is a bit sparse, I sometimes can't see the blips you lovely people are posting, at least not as you mean them to be seen!

We rested and spent a generally slow day. I photographed the month's efforts, and found half of June's which I had put "somewhere safe" HAHA! I'm impressed to have kept this up all year so far, but it was touch and go in July!! I made a tomato and other vegetables soup for tea and whizzed Keith's portion into baby food consistency. It tasted the same as mine but it didn't look as interesting!

Early to bed and relatively early off tomorrow I hope. We started watching Good Omens on Amazon Prime last night, I loved the book and have read it to breaking point. Still not sure what I think about the TV version yet, more episodes tonight might help me to make my mind up. I think David Tennant is fabulous in everything he acts in, so there is hope. 

Wishing you all a good weekend, full of the things you like to do best.

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