Morning swim

even before the seniors started to flood to the beach.

It's been a hot day. The Spaniards call this period Canícula. It's the hottest period of the year. In the Mediterranean countries the Canícula is between July 24 and September 2. Loosely translated it's "Dog days". I'm so waiting for these dog days to end already.

I walked up hill to the pharmacy. They didn't have the antihistamines I would have wanted. It was a good training anyway. 3 km uphill in the heat and 3 km back. I was soaked after that. At least I got a packet of Ibuprofen.

Forecast is telling us that the fourth or the fifth (I've lost count) heatwave is about to arrive for next weekend. So I should not complain about this. At least some hours of the nights are cooler. During heatwave no part of the day is cooler. Doggy days it is...

All the morning action (swim and walk) really took all I got, so rest of the day has been spent taking it easy and taking a nap after lunch. It's just so hot that sleeping during afternoon's hottest hours becomes unavoidable.

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