Drawing at Villanäs

Drawing in glorious sunshine in the afternoon.

We spent time earlier with Rose’s daughter and family also sitting in the glorious sunshine. The children took care of Rusty and every small girl in the neighborhood had a go at holding the lead and walking him up and down. He wagged his tail all the time and seems rather tired now. Result!

We visited the cholera graveyard even earlier, which is a little sad but there’s not much to see. No grave stones, just blueberries. We’re talking about the dead of 165 years ago and most of them were foreign seamen. We cheered ourselves up with a visit to a flea market where I found a black mug with golden patterning - obviously that came home with me. Claire bought toys for her grandchildren.

Rose stayed with her family so now we are three. Keith (still taking painkillers but feeling better every hour) is laboring, Claire is gardening and I’m attending to my blip. So lovely to be here in such good weather, drinking in this peaceful place.

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